3000 terminals already support IdeaBox

Since 21.09.2017 IdeaBox is available in all terminals of “2click” network. Verification and registration of trademark is really close now!


Intelligent terminals IdeaBox

Register the trademark with IdeaBox. Ukrainian product, that is still unique in the world.

  • Free search

    Verify trademark name originality via terminal

  • Online TM application

    Filing of TM application takes less than 5 minutes

  • IdeaBox is available 24/7

    You can file the application in any time

  • Personal account

    Every Applicant has personal account with process tracker

  • This is very easy

    Easy, intuitive interface

  • Refund of payment

    Refund of payment for registration in 12 days in case of high risk of refusal in registration


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Intelligent terminals

Widget for the registration of trademarks IdeaBox

Verify trademark and you might want to install IdeaBox on your website

Why choose us!

IdeaBox- widget that can verify and register TM.

Spend 3 minutes on installation of IdeaBox and provide visitors of your website with the opportunity to verify and register trademarks.

Widget is actively installed by:

  • design studios and advertising agencies
  • hosting companies, domain registrars
  • information and business portals
  • legal services, company registrars

Widget installation

IdeaBox - will earn you profit

Install our widget IdeaBox and earn on every application. It is free!

Website-partner earns 300 UAH for standard application and 800 UAH for urgent. Payment transfers automatically and is recorded in personal account of partner .

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IdeaBox is a unique product developed by Profitmark. By combining the efforts of lawyers and programmers, a number of services have been developed, with the help of which anyone can search and register their trademark.

First of all, it is a network of intelligent terminals "IdeaBox". At the moment, IdeaBox is already integrated into the "2click" terminal network, which allows you to order the trademark search and registration through 3,000 terminals throughout the country.

Using the API, any network of terminals can very quickly connect IdeaBox. We are already negotiating with several major market players and are striving to increase the number of terminals to 30 thousand.

Information about our terminals has reached foreign partners and in 2018 we plan to launch the IdeaBox network of terminals together with foreign partners in Estonia and Lithuania.
I would like to pay special attention to the affiliate program for terminal owners.

If you have a terminal you can connect it to one of the networks that has already integrated it, and receive up to 800 UAH from the application. Also you can buy the terminal and we will give it to you in full readiness for installation in the chosen location.

For site owners, we have another suggestion - the intelligent widget "IdeaBox"

Users will be able to search trademark directly on your site and switch to an online application to submit it. The widget's size dynamically changes to any site or block. It's enough to download the code, add it to the site and you are a member of our affiliate program. This feature is provided absolutely free of charge, and besides the unique functionality, this service will bring a considerable profit from every application submitted.