IdeaBox - now it's really easy to register trademarks

We want to present our mobile application IdeaBox. Free trademark search in Ukraine and in other 40 countries. Trademark registration in 3 minutes



No bureaucracy. Trademark search and registration is available in your smartphone now.

  • Free search

    Trademark search in 40 Countries

  • Online TM application

    Applying for TM registration in 3 minutes

  • Registration tracker

    Full control of the TM registration process

  • Personal account

    All important documents in your smartphone

  • It's very simple

    User-friendly, intuitive interface

  • Full warranty

    The cost of registration includes TM search by specialist

Unique features.

Is your smartphone able to check the trademarks?

Now it can. You just need to install our application.

You will get the following features:

  • Free search for similar trademarks by keywords
  • Trademark search in Ukraine
  • Search by selected classes of goods and services
  • Trademark search in EU, USA and other 38 countries

Full control.

The tracker will show the current status of the application at any time.

All important documents about trademarks are now on your smartphone.
All your trademarks and applications will be collected in your personal account.
You will be able to control the terms of registration and renewal of your TM.
In the process of examination, the application passes the procedure in stages.
At the end of each stage, IdeaBox will send you an informational message.
You will not miss important news on your applications.

  • Tracker
  • Personal account
  • All news

Unique features.

IdeaBox is the first application that registers domain names

Install the application and register the domains through your smartphone.

You will get the following features:

  • Domain registration in 200 domain zones
  • Domain check online
  • Domain settings in your phone
  • Register domain which lists half the cost for charity.

About us

IdeaBox by ProfitMark

IdeaBox is developed by Profitmark patent office, which has more than eleven years of successful experience in the field of registration and protection of intellectual property rights. After successful implementation of online services on our website, we went further and developed the first Ukrainian mobile application for search and registration of trademarks - IdeaBox. Now it's even easier to register a trademark with us.

  • More than 2000
    satisfied Clients

  • About 145,000 online searches on TM

  • More than 1500 registered trademarks

Join, install the application or submit trademark application on the main site:

Online application for TM

Download IdeaBox application and apply for online trademark registration.

Now you do not need to go anywhere! You can apply for registration of a trademark via your smartphone in 5 minutes.

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IdeaBox is a unique mobile application for trademark search and registration. The application is developed by Profitmark, which has been registering trademarks for 10 years.

We have put together the best and most useful in IdeaBox! Installing our application, you can conduct free search for trademarks, apply for registration of trademarks, monitor the registration process using the tracker and all this now in your smartphone.

Despite the fact that the application has a free search for trademarks, the cost of registration includes a trademark search conducted by a specialist. Such an additional measure is introduced to see all the latest applications and to eliminate the risk of refusal of trademark registration. Within 8 working days, the applicant receives the conclusion that confirms the absence of risks for refusal of registration or recommendations for further action. In this way, the guarantee of registration of the trade mark is provided. After 8 working days, the procedure is continued only for protectable applications, and in other cases the Applicants are offered to replace the trademark or refund.
After submitting an application all the necessary information will be in your smartphone to not worry about the registration process. All documents received from the Office will be kept in the account.

The application will report on each important event in the registration process.

IdeaBox is the only application developed and supported by the Ukrainian patent agency. We hope that Profitmark online services will help many entrepreneurs to protect their intellectual property quickly and comfortably.